The still small voice

orange and brown cave

Modern technology has wonderful benefits such as being able to respond to calls, emails and texts much more efficiently than before the days of mobile devices. The downside for me was that it contributed enormously to the busyness of my life. I found people expected a response within a few hours, if not immediately;  I discovered also that I could achieve so much more in a lot less time! Multi tasking somehow became a feature of my life before I had even noticed, never mind stopping to wonder whether it was good for me or not!

Indeed I found my time being pulled in all directions, most often according to other peoples agendas!

The biggest casualty of such a lifestyle is the ability to become inwardly still, so active have our minds become in handling the challenges of modern life with all its noise, diversions and distractions vying for our attention that we become tossed about by the prevailing external conditions.

I am reminded of Elijah on Mount Horeb, pulled about by so many forces in his life at that moment, trying desperately to listen for and to God’s voice but the noise and drama of the earthquake, wind and fire of his external world meant that he couldn’t, there was too much competing for his attention. But then, turning his attention inwards, represented by the cave, he finds that precious place where God indwells the soul and finally he regains his focus, he becomes present to God’s presence and in the silence he is able to hear the whisper of God’s voice.

I am so thankful for the salutary message in this passage from the first book of Kings. It changes my whole approach to the pressures of modern life and helps me rediscover where that cherished, still, small voice might be discerned. 

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